The Helper Academy (“THA”)  was established to document, archive and facilitate the dissemination of broad information regarding Phase C to ensure that the helper and handler are aware of the judge’s expectations and requirements in this arguably most important phase (when there is a tie, the higher protection score determines first place).     

THA focuses on the technical aspects of trial helper work in the context of the FCI IGP Rules. In addition, THA provides suggested verbiage that helpers can utilize to ensure that the public reception to and attitude towards IGP, and in particular protection work and the utilization of the padded stick to ascertain domesticity of the canine, is positive, cognizant of the competitive and breed-suitability aspects of the IGP test. Last but certainly not least, THA provides a classification system so the fledgling helper can assess his or her progress as (s)he endeavors to master the art. 

The Training Helper Division of the THA seeks to disseminate basic awareness of fundamentals and fundamental concepts to ensure the safety of all and proper and humane development of the canine partner’s progress. We understand that trainers have diverse methodologies in re protection but surely, the proper holding of the leash; the utilization of a tie out and harness are fundamentals that should be coterminous with any program, no matter how divergent the theories utilized for IGP 3, 100 attainment.