All Faculty Members will be required to undergo a Criminal Background Check Prior to Event Authorization and Release. Our background check and assessment are based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act standards and the effect of Felony Convictions will be ameliorated due to a California Prop 47 platform but only for downgraded Felonies listed therein.


Code of Conduct: All members of the Faculty are expected to comport themselves in the sportsmanlike manner for which they are already known. We recognize that many of our Faculty are professional trainers and thus, Faculty Members may be too busy to schedule a Helper Seminar and Certification but when they do, the Faculty Instructor will expect no more than the providing of transportation, lodging. meals and an honorarium equal to a Trial Judge per day, etc., for their Service. No other fees will be accepted or expected during the Seminar and Certification. There is no exclusivity requirement and a Faculty Instructor can be a Teaching Helper of other organizations. This is not a conflict of interest and our organization eschews and disavows such unfriendly possessiveness. There is no need for such. We would welcome the opportunity to schedule a dual organization helper certification with another IGP organization. Please contact our Dean of Programs regarding this.