All Faculty Members will be required to undergo a Criminal Background Check Prior to Event Authorization and Release. Our background check and assessment are based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act standards and the effect of Felony Convictions will be ameliorated due to a California Prop 47 platform but only for downgraded Felonies listed therein.


MARIO BARDOUILLE mariobbdog@aol.com
JOHN BOCHENEK johnbochenek@hotmail.com
JOE BROCKINGTON deanoftha@gmail.com
RON BYERS ronbyers21@gmail.com
CHRIS CARR stronghaustraining@gmail.com
KRISTINA GAYLORD kristina_gaylord@yahoo.com
MARCUS HAMPTON k9trainermarcus@aol.com
DIAMOND HANSEL diamondhansel1985@gmail.com
BRYAN HENDRICKS prodogservices@gmail.com
RANDALL HOADLEY randallhoadley@hotmail.com
JAMES HONDA jhonda11@yahoo.com
RON MARSHALL amp_dog@soundcanine.com
WALLACE PAYNE wallacepaynesipo@gmail.com
MARK PELLON markpellon924@gmail.com
FRANS SLAMAN Fransslaman@gmail.com 
JOHN SOARES vonbragacenter@aol.com
CHICO STANFORD vomstank9@aol.com
ATTILA TAKÁCS szallitobox@gmail.com
JOERI VETH joeri.veth@gmail.com




Mario Bardouille has worked the AWMA Championship 2x and a WDA and USA Regionals. Mario has travelled to Europe to help a club member at the FMBB. A German Shepherd aficionado, Mario has graced the cover of the USCA magazine as the Universal Long Coat Sieger with Basco von Bardouillehaus. 


Hello, my name is John Bochenek.  I am from Detroit, Michigan and have been active in the art of dog training since 2004.  I am currently an active Teaching/Trial Helper, Training Director, Police K9 Trainer, and Competitor.  As a Trial Helper, I was selected 21x in Championship Trials with 500+ dogs tested in trial.  In 2012, I became a Teaching Helper with USCA and have since worked many Helper Seminars and Helper Selections.  As a Training Director, I have lead the Metro Detroit SchH Club (MDSC) since 2006.  Team MDSC has achieved 250+ titles to date and since 2008, our members have competed annually at Regional, National, and World Championship level competitions.  Additionally, MDSC has hosted many trials and events including a Regional, a National, and a World Championship event.  In my professional life, I work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Detroit as a Biologist/Compliance Officer.  Additionally, I am employed by several law enforcement offices within SE Michigan and SW Ontario as a K9 Consultant/Trainer and have been a professional K9 Trainer since 2010.  As a Handler/Competitor, I am a 3x member of the SchH3 Club (H.O.T. from puppy) with 3 different breeds (GSD, Mal, & AB).  I presented my dog "Yahmo" (Malinois) at the Regional and National level with top-10 finishes and recently competed my dog Bono (GSD) at the Regional level and in 2018 won the USCA FH National Championship.  I hope to compete with Bono further in tracking.  Currently I am having fun training my puppy, Otter de Loucyn with hopes toward the future.  Training dogs is my passion and has been for a very long time.  Im very glad to have been invited to be apart of the Helper Academy.  


Joe is our Dean of Programs. He has competed at numerous Nationals as both a Helper and Handler. He was the primary Helper for the first American K9/Handler Team to win the WUSV World Championship in 2015. Joe has been OG Keystone Schutzhund Club's Training Director for the past 10 years. Joe owns and operates IBSO K9 LLC, a multifaceted Dog Training Academy located in Millerstown, Pa.


I have been training in IGP for over 30 years. I titled my first dog in 1990. I’ve done helper work at many trials and have been certified as a helper. But my passion is in training and developing the dogs drives in all 3 phases of training & helping dog handler teams from Beginners to Championship Competitors achieve their goals. I’m always willing to share my thoughts on training and learn new training techniques from others. I do not make a living training, I do it only for the enjoyment.
Throughout the years I have titled 9 dogs and competed at 12 National Championships, 2 Regional Championships and many club trials. I’ve owned & trained many more dogs than the ones I’ve titled and had them ready for an IGP 1 or higher title, but for one reason or another, decided not to show them and instead placed them with police departments to be used for patrol & detection work.Here is a list of a few breeds I’ve owned and trained for IGP: German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Rottweiler, Doberman, Giant Schnauzer, Pit Bull Terrier.
Below is a list of the 9 dogs I have titled:
1-Schultz, German Shepherd year 1990 IGP 1
2-Skyler, German Shepherd year 1994 BH-IGP 3 & FH
3-Carlo, Belgian Malinois year 1999 BH-IGP 1
4-Bachus, German Shepherd year 2004 BH
5-Otto, German Shepherd year 2006 BH
6-Bonzo, German Shepherd BH-IGP 3
Competed at:
2009 Midwest Regionals IGP 3
2009 USCA Nationals IGP 3
7-Havoc, Belgian Malinois BH-IGP 3
Competed at:
2013 AWDF Championship IGP 1
2014 AWDF Championship IGP 2
8-Isac, Belgian Malinois BH-IGP 3
Competed at:
2016 AWMA Championship BH
2017 USCA Mideast Regional IGP 2
2017 AWMA Championship IGP 3
2018 AWMA Championship IGP 3
2018 DVG Nationals IGP 3
9- Dio, Belgian Malinois year 2019 BH
. He is the dog I’m currently training and plan on showing for IGP 1, 2 & 3 in 2020.


Chris' accomplishments as a helper (1998 WUSV Back Half, 2001 WUSV Slovenia Alternate, Many-Many Times USCA Nationals / North Americans Helper) overshadow his other accomplishments in our sport such as competing at the North Americans and Nationals with his H.O.T. GSD VIEN VAN LIMAERTSHOF and North American Championships with his crowd-pleaser HOT MIX, "Frankie." Chris owns and operates a boarding kennel and dog training enterprise in Bordentown, NJ.


I was fortunate enough to grow up with many animals. We always had a family dog, horses, various livestock and other pets around. I spent many hours horseback riding in the summer, just enjoying time with my horse and Freckles, our Border Collie eagerly following along. My interest and love for animals began here. I will be forever grateful to my parents for offering me such a wonderful thing.
At 17 I began to work for Mike and Judy Duncan at a pet food distribution center. They coincidentally were also the founders of Allgemeiner Hundesport Klub. Mike and Judy were gracious enough to help me find my first sport dog, a boxer. He was fantastic although he had a limiting heart condition. Protection work was not an option for him. We were able to earn two BH’s and a TR1.This was the first time I was asked if I had an interest in learning how to do helper work. Allgemeiner’s atmosphere was supportive and open to the ”other breeds”. I also always liked a challenge and “breaking the mold” so I agreed. It didn’t take long for me to be hooked! I loved learning about the dog’s behavior and the handlers' influence. I continued my work at the club, attended a few seminars and in 2011 was certified as a club level helper. I continue to do training helper work at our club and have worked many of our club trials. In 2011 I also got my second sport dog. He was also a boxer and 4 years old. The owner was moving overseas and couldn’t keep him. He had an IPO II on him and I was excited to take him and help train helpers and have some fun. Oh, and so much humbling fun was had by me! His previous owner and I were on different pages with our techniques of training. Retraining a dog is not for the faint of heart. He pushed me out of my box and expanded my training “tool box”. I would have to look in his scorebook to calculate how many times we were DQ’d or failed. Even though we had our challenges he always tried. He humbled me and made me focus on him and not what others were thinking of us. He taught me so much! He was certainly a warrior at heart and really inspired me to keep going. We did eventually earn an IPO III. It was barely a qualifying score and it was not pretty but I have never been more thrilled with an accomplishment in the sport. I’m proud to be a club level helper. I do enjoy trials and getting to work with nice dogs, but my passion is in the training work and introducing people to the sport. I am a mom and wife, work full time, have livestock and run a small business. I understand that not everyone has time, resources and opportunities that others have. Whether you are competing nationally or entering your first trial. We all start somewhere and I am very grateful for those who welcomed me when I began and have helped me along the way. I only hope to welcome many others into the sport and hopefully into helper work. I now have a young male boxer that seems too good to be true. I am still just as nervous as with my first dog that I will screw him up. However, we keep going and enjoying the bond we share. For me that is what it is all about. The bond between handler and dog.


My name is Marcus Hampton and I was born and raised in Buffalo N.Y. Through my years growing up I played football and boxed and of course always had a passion for dogs. I started Schutzhund in the year 2000 when I met my mentor and good friend Owen Tober at the Schutzhund club of Buffalo where I was a member and did helper work but now have my own working dog group. When I am not busy doing helper work and training with my own Schutzhund group, I am spending time training my young boy Viking in IGP. 
 I am a National level helper, and since 2000 I have done many club trials and many big events  doing Sch and IPO I, IPO II and IPO III dogs as well as a police DPO trial and helper seminars. 
2009 Mid Eastern Regionals : Sch II and back half Sch III’s
2009 USA GSD Nationals : back half Sch III’s
2010 Working Dog Championship: pre-selected (injured reserve)
2010 Mid Eastern Regionals: Sch II and back half Sch III’s
2011 AWDF Championship : front half Sch III’s
2011 Working Dog Championship : front half Sch III’s
2011 World Qualifier : Back half Sch III’s
2011 Mid Eastern Regionals : back half IPO III’s
2011 AWMA Nationals: Back half IPO III’s
2011 USCA GSD Nationals: back half IPO III’s
2013 AWDF Championship: back half IPO III’s
2013 USCA GSD Nationals : front half IPO III’s
2014 World Qualifier: front half IPO III’s
2014 AWDF Championship: back half IPO III’s
2014 Working Dog Championship : front half IPO III’s
2014 USCA GSD Nationals : pre-selected
2014 AWMA Nationals : front half IPO III’s
2015 AWDF Championship : IPO II’s
2015 AWMA Nationals: front half IPO III’s
2016 Mid Eastern Regionals : back half IPO III's
2016 AWMA Nationals: back half IPO III's
2016 Podium Schutzhund Club club trial: IPO I's, II's and III's
2017 AWDF Championship : back half IPO III's
2017 AWMA Nationals:  front half IPO III's
2017 Podium Schutzhund Club trial IPO I's, II's and III's
2018 AWDF Championship : back half IPO III's
2018 World Qualifier
2018 AWMA Nationals: back half IPO III's
2018 DVG Nationals: back half IPO III's
2019 GSDCA Nationals 
2019 AWDF Championship IPO III's Front Half
2019 World Qualifier Front Half
2019 Dutch Shepherd World Championship IGP III's 
2019 Dutch Shepherd Nationals: Back Half IGP III's
2019 DVG Nationals: Back Half IGP III's
2019 AWMA preselected



Diamond Hansel is an active IGP competitor, training helper and trial helper.  He is a member of the American Working Malinois Association.  He started helper work in 2005 and has continued to assist countless people through DVG trial helper work, AWMA trial helper work and training helper work.
As an IGP competitor Diamond Hansel has competed in multiple World Championships, received several high in trial awards at the regional and national level, placed 9th in the FMBB World Cup, and was the 2018 AWMA National Champion.  He has also been the training helper for numerous dogs that have competed at the AWMA Nationals, AWDF Nationals, USCA Nationals, USRC Nationals, GSDCA Nationals, DVG Nationals, WDC, MEOESZ-OVSN Nationals (Hungary), GSSCC Nationals (Canada), BSP (Germany), FCI World Championships and FMBB World Championships.  He has also been the primary training helper for multiple dogs starting from 8 weeks old through competing at World Championships.
Aside from being an accomplished competitor and proven training helper, Diamond is an excellent teacher and coach.  His passion lies in not only developing dogs, but helpers and handlers as well.  This position allows him the opportunity to put his experience and knowledge to use in a new light by sharing it with motivated individuals who want to become the best IGP helpers possible.  In turn, this will allow the sport to continue growing by giving safe helper access to sport enthusiasts throughout our great country.


Bryan Hendricks has worked the HOT Championship and the UDC National Championship as well as close to 100 local trials. As a handler, Bryan competes exclusively with HOT dogs and has qualified for the FMBB 2x. 


Randall has done helper work at AWDF, UScA and GSDCA National Championships.


James Honda has been a student of schutzund since 1994. As a handler/trainer, he and his German Shepherd (H.O.T.) have represented the United States at the WUSV (2007- GSDCA Team Member /2008 USCA Team Member) and with his Belgian Malinois (H.O.T.), the FMBB in 2015 but due to work obligations, had to recuse himself from Team USA for the 2008 and 2009 FCI Teams and the 2015 DVG Team. Jim was the front half helper for the IPO 3s at the 2010 UDC National Schutzhund Championship and he also did the 1s and 2s there, making him one of a handful of competitors who has worked an IPO 3 Championship as a Helper and won an IPO 3 Championship as a Handler (GSDCA WDA 2007). IPO is a hobby for Jim and his professional life focuses on the practice of law. Thank you to Cindy Noland for the photograph.


Ron Marshall has worked DVG, AWMA and AWDF National Championships at the Schutzhund 3 level. Ron has an interest in all types of protection applications in addition to IPO. As a handler, he has competed at the AWDF Championship with many breeds, including a pit bull and the crowd pleaser Leonadis. Ron is also a DVG Teaching Helper and one of the most sought after Helper Certifiers in the US, without question. 


Wallace Payne is a well-respected international competitor who has helped many club members attain that level as well. Wallace has represented both the GSDCA and USCA at the WUSV and won the National Championship of both organizations. Wallace is also an exceptional educator in regards to Phase C decoy work and he himself has worked National Events. Wallace is also a Veteran and we Thank him for his service.


I started doing helper work in 2006. After moving to Va Beach, I was mentored by Fred Samseer and Carla Van Douijvenbode from the Netherlands. As the years went on I trained at multiple clubs around the country, due to my military service and having to move often. In 2013 I became a National Level decoy with the GSDCA under Steve House. Later I would become a National Level Helper in USCA, a class 1 helper in DVG, and a Teaching Helper with the GSDCA.  

Notable trial experience includes:
-Multiple club trials
-2014 National Seiger Show (back half)
-2016 WUSV joint qualification trial (back half alternate)
-2017 WDSAA National Championship (front half)
-2018 USCA S.W Regional Championship (back half)
-2018 GSDCA National Championship (front half)
-2018 USCA PNW Regional Championship (front half)
-2018 DVG National Championship (front half) 
-2019 USCA SW Regional Championship (Back half)
-2019 AWDF National Championship (Back Half)
-2019 DVG National Championship (Front Half) 
- 2020 AWDF ( pre-selected)


My name is Timo Rieg and I was born in Mutlangen, Germany. It was not until I moved to the USA that I started training our own shepherd and got introduced to helper work. I have been fortunate to be mentored by several great people in the sport. Since moving to Florida in February 2017, I have been training with Phil Hoelcher at Highway Schutzhund Club. I have worked club trials, multiple DVG Southeast Regional Championships and the 2019 AWDF Championship (IGP1 and 2). Currently I am a certified helper for the DVG, GSDCA and USCA.


I was raised in Holland and started with dogs as a young boy.  Owned and trained knpv and diensthond, but moved  to SchH/IPO programs. I always loved doing the helper work. Certified in several countries and am a GSDCA teaching helper. It kept my mind and instincts busy so I never got bored or cold. :-).I competed at the first WUSV world championship in 1988 (Munster, Dld) and in several nationals in different countries and different dogs. Later I competed in more world championships, FCI and WUSV, the latest in 2019. Now I have new very talented dog coming up.  I’m a club helper and training director of  a GSDCA  and DVG club in Greensboro NC, in which I was the helper at the recent successful trial.  I was never interested in competition helper work. Doing training helper and club helper work when necessary for exams of combinations I trained with, gave me more satisfaction.  I am competing for fun, but try to win.  So does my wife Jackie Camp. I would love to see the sport getting more accepted and promoted among the general population. I am happy to share my experience with others.



John Soares has been involved in IPO and other dog sports since the 1990s. After graduating from a professional dog training academy in the US, John moved to Europe where he was a certified helper under the FCI. John is a frequent and well-known national and international level competitor. 


Chico Stanford's love for the GSD cannot be questioned. He has helped many handlers achieve their goals in all phases, including protection. Chico has represented the US at the WUSV and has won the Working Dog Championship as well with HOT dogs. We thank Chico for his service as a Combat Veteran. Thank you and much respect. 


Kőbányai Happy Dog Kutyaiskola. My trainer is Andras Benke, FCI international Judge, Protection Helper.
-First helper exam C” category, 2nd place
-Helper exam and qualifications B” category, 1st place
-V Kiskun Cup
-Hungarian Championship, Front Half
-Bende cup, Front Half
-Helper exam and qualifications B” category 3rd place
-Duna Cup
-Velka Paka (SK), Front Half
-Bende Cup, Back Half
-Josera Cup and Tisza Cup, Front Half
-Duna Cup
-Velka Paka
(SK), Last part
-Bende Cup, Last part
-Helper exam and qualifications B” category 1st place
-Wanger Cup, Hungarian Championship, First part
-AWDF National Championship
-HMC Hungarian Qualification FCI, FMBB, Back Half


Helper Career
-First time ever with a sleeve on in one of our local
clubs and got bitten by the “Schutzhund bug”
-Actively started doing helper work on our local club.
- Certified as a C-helper at 16 years old. Gift from my parents for obtaining this status was my female Onta von Karthago, which I later competed with at several World Championships. Certified as a B-helper (Regional status) at 17 years old, did my first Regional Championships.
- Certified as an All-round helper (International status) at 18 years old, did several Regionals and
National level events.
- Responsible for the results of club members as a training helper in our local club “de Oude Maas”,
together with my mentors Robbie de Jong & Toine Jonkers.
- 300+ dogs worked on National and Regional level events in the Netherlands
- Re-certified every year, and got the highest points on the National Helper days in the Netherlands
- 2x helper on the National Championships in the Netherlands.
- 2x helper on the National Championships in Norway.
- 2x helper on the National Championships in South- Africa
- 1x helper on the African Masters Tournament.
- Conducted helper seminars on 3 different countries.
- Responsible for the training in the Protection part for 19 WUSV entries, from the Netherlands, Norway
and South Africa. Several of those were V-rated and SG-rated scores.
3 of these were podium finishes!
- Responsible for the results of club members as a training helper in our local club “de Oude Maas”,
together with my mentors Robbie de Jong & Toine Jonkers.
- Responsible for the results of club members as the training director in our local training group in
- Re-certified as a National Level Helper in the USA.
- Breed Survey Helper on the Doberman National Championships.
- Responsible for the training in the Protection part for several Dobermans on National and International level, with the biggest pride seeing my wife win the Doberman National Championships back to back in 2018 and 2019, and being qualified for 2 World Championships back to back. Competed with 3 dogs on National and International Level and titled another 6 dogs to minimum of IPO1
2010-Top 5 on Dutch Nationals, Regional Champion in the Netherlands with Onta v. Karthago.First place on Nationals for clubs with Onta v. Karthago
Podium on several other National/World Qualifier trials2011-Top 10 on Dutch Nationals, Regional Champion in the Netherlands with Onta v. Karthago.WUSV 2011 - 75-96-97 (HIGH STADIUM) 4th place overall and 5th place individual on Nationals for clubs with Onta v. Karthago#2 on World Qualifier with Onta v. Karthago
Podium on several other National/World Qualifier trials 2012-Top 10 on Dutch Nationals, #2 Regional Championships with Onta v. Karthago WUSV 2012 - 9th place - 93-94-95 = 282 1st place overall and 3rd place individual on Nationals for clubs with Onta v. Karthago #2 on World Qualifier with Onta v. Karthago
Podium on several other National/World Qualifier trials
Onta von Karthago was a 33x IPO32015- National Champion in Norway with Fido von der Hagenmuhle
#26 on WUSV with 84 - 92 - 92 (only passing dog in my flight of tracking)2016-#3 on WUSV - Universal Sieger World Championships with Fido von der Hagenmuhle2018-#1 USCA Mid Eastern Regionals with Ace von der Herzen Haus2019-#2 GSDCA National Championships with Ace von der Herzen Haus
USCA - GSDCA World Qualification Trial with Ace von der Herzen Haus
#11 USCA Nationals with Ace von der Herzen Haus


Code of Conduct: All members of the Faculty are expected to comport themselves in the sportsmanlike manner for which they are already known. We recognize that many of our Faculty are professional trainers and thus, Faculty Members may be too busy to schedule a Helper Seminar and Certification but when they do, the Faculty Instructor will expect no more than the providing of transportation, lodging. meals and an honorarium equal to a Trial Judge per day, etc., for their Service. No other fees will be accepted or expected during the Seminar and Certification. There is no exclusivity requirement and a Faculty Instructor can be a Teaching Helper of other organizations. This is not a conflict of interest and our organization eschews and disavows such unfriendly possessiveness. There is no need for such. We would welcome the opportunity to schedule a dual organization helper certification with another IGP organization. Please contact our Dean of Programs regarding this.