HOSTING A SEMINAR: All Helper Academy Assignment must be requested by the AWDF-affiliated host club or its individual representative member to the Dean of Programs. The name of any particular Faculty member preferred should be mentioned in writing in the request. At such a time, the AWDF President will be informed and the President will inform all delegates of the seminar so others in the area can partake. The Seminar-Certification may also be advertised on AWDF-affiliated websites. A fee of no more than $75.00 per helper shall be charged for the certification by the host to defray costs. 

ASSIGNMENTS (SEMINARS/CERTIFICATIONS): The Helper Academy is cognizant of the fact that the majority of our Faculty are professional dog trainers. Our activities are purely voluntary and no employer-employee relationship is formed or to be inferred or construed. During the Seminar-Certification which should be approximately 6 hours in length, no fees other than an honorarium for the day’s efforts, travel expenses, lodging and meals if applicable should be accepted. This is to avoid the appearance of impropriety and the accusation that the attained certification was bought. If the Faculty Member must engage in work after the Seminar/Certification with the Host Club, we ask that you allow a cooling off period of at least three hours and strongly prefer that you begin “work” on the next day.